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Company Representative in China The search for new employment opportunities is driven by a desire for self-improvement and for expanding into a more challenging and higher paying job. Minimum Monthly Salary: $1500 USD. 1999 - 2004 Ukraine. Kramatorsk Economical - Humanitarian Institute. Major: “Chinese Language and Literature”; Qualification: Teacher of Chinese and English with emphasis in Literature. Bachelor of Arts. 11/2003 – till now:
Current Monthly Salary--$1000USD; China. “Neuro Hardware (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd”. Employer Profile: Production of lifting accessories for building industry.
Current Position: Supply Department Manager, personal assistant, Chinese and English Translator.
Responsibilities: Contacting the retail commercial enterprises; composing contracts and purchase agreements; signing and executing agreements with suppliers; calculation of estimates and quotations; preparation of and providing order lists to purchasing department according to purchasing time table and checking feedback from purchasing department; providing information regarding delivery time to Order Logistic Department based on raw material and production capability survey; updating raw material and semi-product inventory according to delivery quantity; preparation of production flow charts; enforcement of contract fulfillment with suppliers, adjusting system and ensuring on-time delivery.
• Preparation of company monthly budget;
• Office work: Office management, organization of document turnover, ordering of office supplies.
• Providing interpretation service during negotiations between Owner and Customers and Suppliers;
• Translation of letters, agreements, contracts. Issuing of orders and notes from upper management and supervisors to employees, monitoring attendance according to the working schedule, processing e - mails, faxes, telephone calls, participation in trade shows and exhibitions.

04/2003 - 11/2003
$400 USD, China. “Zhejiang Gaofeng New Building Material Pipes Co., Ltd”. Employer Profile: Production of plastic pipes for water and gas. Responding tel. calls, faxes, conducting correspondence with the foreign clients, participation in trade shows and exhibitions.

09/2000 - 04/2003:
$100 USD: English Tutor Supply and Procurement Manager; Chinese to English/Russian Translator






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